Q: How do I write the research question and objectives for my topic around education and socio-economic development?

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My topic is 'Contribution of tertiary education to the socio-economic development of its town.'

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Hello Kennedy – Welcome to the forum! Writing/Developing the research question(s) and the objective(s) comes from the overall goal for your study. You seem to have a topic for your study, but you still need to work out a goal, that is, the study should have focus.

For instance, your study could be about exploring how strong (or not) the link is between tertiary/higher education and the town’s socio-economic development. Alternatively, it could be about the various ways in which higher education contributes to the socio-economic development. Further still, it could be about ways to improve higher education in order to improve the socio-economic development. Based on the exact/precise goal, you need (should be able) to work out the question and objectives.

To help you along these lines, you may refer to the following resources:

For more information, you may also wish to do a literature search of existing studies around the topic and related topics, so that you know what you should cover in your study and how. For help with doing a literature search, you may refer to this resource:

Tips for effective literature searching

Hope that helps. All the best for your study!