Q: How long does the status remain "With Editor" after initial submission?

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I submitted a paper to an Elsevier journal 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, the status of the manuscript has remained "With Editor" since the initial submission. Should I send a message to speed up the editorial process? How long should I wait before sending such a message? Regards

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It is perfectly normal for a submission to remain with the editor for over two weeks. The time taken for the different stages varies from journal to journal, but it is not uncommon for the journal system to show a “with editor” status for over a month after submission.

At this stage, the editor has two tasks to complete:

1. He/she has to complete the initial screening of the manuscript.

2. If the manuscript passes the initial screening, the editor has to send it for peer review.

The reason why this stage takes time is that it is often very difficult for the editor to find reviewers. The editor identifies suitable reviewers and sends out invitations to them, but on many occasions, the reviewers decline the invitations. Then the editor has to look for other reviewers.

I don’t think you should send a message to the editor so soon, as it might give the impression that you are being impatient. Wait for another 2-3 weeks. If you still do not see any change in status, you can send a polite inquiry to the editor.