Q: How to answer this comment in the response letter?

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One of the comments made by the reviewer was to improve the discussion, to answer his request I made major revisions and minor ones (language editing). All the revisions made in the manuscript were highlighted using colored text (as requested by the editor). My question is how to address this comment in the response letter? I know I should indicate the changes made and their location in the manuscript but do I need to indicate all the changes (like minor revisions), if I do so, this single answer will take a few pages; would not this make the response letter too cumbersome?

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Thank you for your question. We believe quoting the major revisions should suffice; you may clarify that you have made some minor revisions for language in addition to these (you may provide 2-3 examples, clarifying that this is not a comprehensive list of revisions, but that’s not entirely necessary), also mentioning that all revisions (the major ones quoted in the letter + the minor ones for language have been highlighted using a particular font as per the editor’s instructions.

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