Q: I have already finished writing my research paper. How can I publish it?

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My research paper is done completely right now, how can I publish and get my editor's contact email?

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From your question, it is clear that you have completed your research and written your manuscript. Now that you're ready to get your paper published, here's what you need to do:

1. First shortlist 4-5 target journals where you can submit your paper. The journals should be a good match for your paper in terms of scope, target audience, article type, publication cycle, etc. Here are some resources that will help you understand how you can select a suitable journal for your paper:

2. Check to confirm that the target journals are reputable, not predatory. Here are some resources that will guide you on how to identify and avoid predatory journals:

3. Send pre-submission inquires to the target journals you have shortlisted. You will find the contact details of the Editor on the journal website. Note that some journals might not encourage pre-submission inquires. However, do not attach your paper with the pre-submission inquiry. Here are some resources to help you with this:

4. Submit your manuscript to the journal that shows maximum interest in your paper. Most journals have an online submission system for this purpose. Make sure you read your journal's guidelines for authors before submission. You will need to submit several other documents along with your submission package, including a cover letter. Here are some resources that you need to go through to ensure that your submission process is smooth:

Hope this helps to get you started with your journal selection and submission. Understand that you might get rejected once or twice before your paper is finally accepted by a journal. If your paper receives peer reviewer comments at the time of rejection, make sure you incorporate those for the next submission as this will improve the quality of your paper and increase your chances of acceptance. .

For more detailed guidance, consider investing in this handbook and taking the following course: Understanding the basics of publishing an article in a journal