Q: I edited mistakes while proofreading

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I have changed some percentage change values in my manuscript while proofreading. The values in the table are correct but their percentage change values were incorrect so, I changed them, but such changes aren't allowed and I was unaware of this. What should I do now?

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Please don't worry! We understand that you changed incorrect values in an already accepted manuscript, which is now pre-publication. We would recommend that you write to the editorial office of the journal explaining the reasons for those changes (and preferably, send them a copy of your manuscript with the changes highlighted). Although journals discourage changes to 'data' once the paper is accepted (as the old data were peer-reviewed), rectifying incorrect data is required for the clarity of the readers. Moreover, you haven't changed the base data, since the values in the table are correct, but you have only changed the percentage calculation.

If you explain this to the journal editor, it should be fine! I hope this helps and I wish you good luck with your manuscript!