Q: I have presented my project at a conference conducted by the college. How should I publish it ?

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I am confused between which is the best way to start publishing a paper based on this project. Should I submit to a conference or journal? Please give me some details about how to proceed for publishing with the report I have.

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A project submitted at a college conference may not be apt for submitting to a journal. You have not mentioned if yours is an undergraduate or post graduate project. A journal article must be a work of original research. Therefore, to get published in a journal, you should ideally acquire PhD level exposure and knowledge. Moreover, a report based on a project presented in your college conference may not be suitable and interesting for a journal publication. Research published in academic journals is original, novel, and of high impact.

But if you do feel that your work is significant enough to be published in a journal, you can submit it to a journal related to your field. If you are an undergrad student, you can also consider submitting your paper to journals like the American Journal of Undergraduate Research and the Butler Journal of Undergraduate Research that publish research conducted by undergraduate students. You can also look up more such journals and choose the one that best suits your article.

Since a report cannot be submitted as is, you will have to write a paper in the IMRAD structure required in a journal paper. Before you submit your paper, make sure you format it according to the target journal’s guidelines. You can talk to your professors/supervisor for more guidance on how you should go about with your manuscript preparation and submission.

Additionally, here is a brilliant resource that will guide you on how to write a research paper. With over over 50 articles and 7 video tutorials, it is a curated list that covers all aspects of writing a research paper, including ethical considerations, style and formatting guidelines, structure of the paper, and more.

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