Q: What should I do if my paper is with the journal for 13 months and the editor is unresponsive?

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I submitted my  paper to a scientific journal 13 months ago. The status is still "Awaiting Admin Processing." I wrote an email to the editor but didn't get a reply. What should I do? 

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Thirteen months is a long time, and your paper hasn't made any progress with the journal. Therefore, I think it would be best to withdraw your paper without wasting any more time. Please send a withdrawal letter to the journal mentioning your manuscript ID and submission date and request a confirmation of withdrawal from the journal editor. Do not submit elsewhere before you receive this confirmation, else it will be considered a duplicate submission. 


In case the editor does not respond to your withdrawal email or does not send a confirmation, you should send 2-3 reminders. If there is still no response, you will have to write to the journal saying that you will consider the withdrawal process complete if there is no reply within a specific time (set a deadline of around a week).


If you still don't receive a confirmation, send a final email stating that since all your efforts at contacting the journal have failed, you are considering your manuscript "unsubmitted" from this journal. You can then submit your manuscript to another journal. 

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