Q: If the dataset and method for two papers are the same but the result is different, would they be considered a case of salami slicing?

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I wrote a paper (1) about how the variable A of a group affects the outcome B, and it was published. After that, I investigated how A affects the outcome C. For this investigation, I used the same dataset and method in the original paper (1), but obtained a different result from that in paper 1. I wish to develop another paper (2) with this result. However, I wonder if this would be salami slicing?

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From what we understand, the dataset, method, and variable are the same for both studies. The outcomes are different, but it’s not mentioned how different they are. Without having more details, it would be tough to say whether this is indeed a case of salami slicing. It would be salami slicing if the outcomes are not very different. If however the outcomes are significantly or entirely different (which means the research questions are also different), it may not be a case of salami slicing.

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