Q: I'm unclear about the future of my submission. Can you guide me?

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I submitted a manuscript and received comments from three reviewers. One of them recommended publication after addressing minor issues. The other two recommended rejection because the manuscript did not give enough credit to one of the references. Therefore, the editor rejected the manuscript. The manuscript was revised based on all comments and resubmitted to the same journal. The editor rejected the revised manuscript. In the rejection letter he wrote, "By separate e-mail, I have asked the reviewers to reconsider your original manuscript based upon your responses. If they feel that your manuscript should be reconsidered based upon your comments, I will be in touch with you by e-mail". So, what should I do?

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It seems that the editor is not willing to consider your revised manuscript as a new submission. That is why it has been rejected. Whatever decision is to be taken will be based on the original submission along with your responses.

I think you will have to wait for the editor's email. As long as the paper is under consideration by the journal, you will not be able to submit it to another one as this will be considered duplicate submission. You should wait for a month and then write to the editor. You might have to follow up with him/her once every two weeks or so. In case you feel that the process is taking too long, you can choose to withdraw your manuscript. However, make sure that you receive a confirmation of withdrawal from the journal before you submit it elsewhere.

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