Q: Is International Formulae Group a predatory publisher?

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Is International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences a predatory journal?


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The website of International Formulae Group and International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences looks quite professional. It provides a list of editorial board members, gives clear information about the peer review process and the article processing charges. The journal started in 2007 and has been publishing regularly ever since. The previous issues of the journal are available on the website. The contact details of the publisher are also clearly mentioned on the website and a contact form makes it easy to get in touch with the publisher.

Thus, as far as the website is concerned, there was nothing as such that would make me doubt the credibility of the journal. Having said that, I think it would be best for you to first check it yourself and then ask your senior colleagues if it is considered a reputable journal in the field. Do not submit your manuscript unless you are really sure of the journal's credibility.

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