Q: Is it possible to change affiliation information after the manuscript is accepted?

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For instance, is it possible to move the first author’s affiliation from the first to the second affiliation?

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It seems the first author’s affiliation will be changing sometime during the publication process. In that case, here is a similar query we received recently and our response to it: Can I mention the new affiliation as well as the current affiliation?

The first affiliation should actually be that of the institution where the greater portion of the work took place or the institution making the greater contribution to the research. Here, it would seem the first affiliation is the one through which the greater quantum of work happened. So, the first affiliation should continue to remain the present institution, unless there is a very strong reason for it to change (for instance, based on any information that has not been provided in this query). Note that determining affiliation is not always easy, as there is not much consensus around it. Some authors even provide ‘honorary’ affiliation with an aim to keep both institutions ‘happy.’ To be certain, it may also help to look up the guidelines for both institutions regarding affiliation information.

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