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Wolters Kluwer and Editage workshop on scientific writing at National Medical Library, Delhi, India

Editage Insights | Dec 27, 2017 | 504 views

Continuing the collaboration with Wolters-Kluwer India, Editage conducted a workshop at NML (National Medical Library) in Delhi, India, on December 18. Led by Editage Academic Trainer Kalpataru Mukherjee, the workshop was meant only for doctors affiliated with NML.

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The workshop was divided into two sessions and lasted for half a day. Addressing the basic concerns of writing a scientific paper, the first session walked the participants through details of the IMRaD format but what really drove home the point were the examples. The trainer also stressed on the importance of publishing ethically. The second session covered successful publication strategies and what steps one needs to take to get published.     

The sessions were informative and participants shared extremely encouraging feedback.


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