Q: What is going to happen if the status "Under editor evaluation" lasts more than 30 days?

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I submitted a manuscript to an Elsevier journal. After 3 weeks of being "Under review," the status changed to "Under editor evaluation" and it is still showing the same status for 28 days. My question is that, is it normal if a manuscript remains "Under editor evaluation" for such a long period of time? If not, should I contact to the journal? Or should I just be patient and wait? Thanks in advance.

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The status "Under editor evaluation" indicates that the peer review for your paper is now complete and it is currently with the Associate Editor (AE) who will evaluate it based on the reviews and decide whether the paper should be accepted, rejected, or sent back for revisions. One month is not too long for this status: often, the AE has several other papers queued up before yours, which could be the reason for the delay. I would suggest waiting for another couple of weeks; if there is still no status change, you can send a polite inquiry to the editor.   

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