Q: Should I send an email inquiry if the status shows "Submitted to journal" for more than a week?

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I submitted an article to a Taylor and Francis (T&F) journal on 22nd October. The status is “Submitted to journal.” Should I write a mail as a week has passed and no editor has been assigned?

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Firstly, I am not sure whether you meant 22nd October or 22nd November, as you have mentioned a week has passed and this is December. I am assuming you submitted it on 22nd November, and a week has passed since the status changed to “Submitted to Journal.” It is quite normal for journals to take 2-3 weeks or even more to assign a paper to an editor. I think it's best to wait for some more time (at least two more weeks) before writing to them requesting an update.

I am not sure which specific T&F journal you submitted to, but do note that journals have a large volume of submissions and mails to handle. Also, the holiday season would be approaching, leading to a further delay in response from their side. If they don’t reply before the holidays, it is likely they will get back only sometime in mid-January. I know you are eager to know the status of your manuscript, but due to the approaching holiday season, I am afraid the best you can do is be patient and wait for them to get back. Of course, you could take this time to sit back and enjoy the holiday season yourself!

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