Q: To which journal should I submit my first protocol paper?

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I am writing a protocol paper for an ongoing clinical research. It is my first time, and I’m not sure to which journal I should submit the manuscript. So, I want some advice. The research is a randomized controlled trial (RCT) for 60 patients and is performed as a specific clinical research.

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Great to know that you are working on your first protocol paper. At the end of this response, we have provided some related links that you may find useful.

About your query, the thing is, on the forum, we do not provide recommendations for journals, but rather guidance on how you can go about selecting and submitting to a target journal, as you can find in these articles:

Additionally, you may wish to know about a couple of our related products/services:

  • Editage Journal Selection: This provides a shortlist of three-five journals based on the topic of the paper.
  • R Pubsure: This is a manuscript assessment tool by a family brand, Researcher.Life (or simply R) that also includes a journal recommendation feature. As an example, in the sample report displayed here, you may select the Journal Recommendations tab on the left to view sample recommendations.

Hope that helps. All the best for your paper/submission!

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