Q: What are the possible research questions on the topic of social movement?

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The topic for my doctoral dissertation is "The role of ethnic social movement organization."

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Unfortunately, it will not be possible for me to suggest specific research questions as I am not familiar with your area of research. However, I can guide you on how you can choose a suitable research question for your topic.

As you know, choosing the right research question is the first step to successful publication. Therefore, you must spend some time and thought in selecting your research question. Your research question must be feasible as well as something that you are interested in, as this will keep you motivated throughout the project. 

Since you have already selected your research topic, your next step would be to narrow it down to a specific question that you would like to address through your research. To begin with, conduct a preliminary literature search to find out what research has been done so far on this topic. Try to identify some gaps where not much research has yet been done. These are areas you should tap into. Create some open-ended questions related to the areas where these gaps exist. These will give you a few options for potential research questions.

You can then evaluate each of these questions on the basis of clarity and focus as well as feasibility. To do this, you can ask yourself questions like: Is this question clear? Is this question interesting and novel? Is this research question practical enough? This will help you zero in on the most suitable research question.

You can also discuss it with your professors and ask for their opinion or suggestions.    

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