Q: What can I do if my published paper disappeared along with the entire journal website?

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I managed to get my paper published online after 2 years of reminders/tracking, but suddenly the journal website was closed and my paper vanished. This journal has a long history and the website of the society of this journal still exists: https://www.icsglobal.or.

Do I have to just give up on this? Or can I submit my published paper to another journal?

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This website link you have shared is not working. One possibility is that the journal might be predatory and has therefore shut down. You have not mentioned which journal you have submitted to and I'm unable to find any information of the publisher either. 


I would suggest that you try to reach out to any possible number/email that you can find and try to trace where your publication is. If nothing comes up, you can try to resubmit to another journal, but you should be transparent in your cover letter and explain that you have previously attempted such a publication and provide the details of the journal.   


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