Q: What do you do when you find academic writing challenging?

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I have a hard time writing essays because my classes are mostly cultural studies and critical theory, so I'm used to more complicated ideas. Comparing and contrasting essays usually makes me overthink, and I end up getting lost. This is the main reason why I am thinking about using online writing services. Lots of my friends use a particular writing services  company when they want a paper written from scratch or have a work edited or proofread. What do you guys think about it? Have you ever used this kind of help? 

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Writing is a very important and tricky part of any research. While it comes naturally to many, it might be an uphill task for some people. It is usual to lose your train of thought when you are writing a research paper or a thesis. However, it is very important to train for this at school as it is an indispensable skill.


Try to write your essay in short pieces so that you only have to think about one part at a time. For example, if you are comparing two theories on different parameters, try to write about one parameter on one day so that you don’t get carried away. You can then combine all the pieces into a comprehensive article. You can also ask for help from your colleagues on how they write their essays. If you still think it’s difficult, you can opt for a professional writing service.


However, please be aware that several writing companies offer “ghost writing” which is not completely ethical. If you do use a writing service, it is customary to acknowledge them in your essay. The intellectual input for your article must come from you and the writer should not produce an article from scratch without your inputs. These services require you to provide all the content which is shaped and refined by writers.


I would recommend that you give writing a chance before you give up on it!


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