Q: What does a status of EO [Name of Editor]: Under Review mean?

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The status of my submission is EO [Name of the Editor], under which is written Under Review. What does this mean?

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Firstly, ‘EO’ stands for Editorial Office. Now, the Under Review status typically means that the manuscript has been sent for peer review. However, manuscript statuses can be different for different journals. So, in this case, especially as the status is preceded by ‘EO,’ it means that the manuscript is under the Associate Editor (AE) review. The AE works with the journal and reviews the manuscript for things such as the quality of the writing, a fit with the scope of the journal, and even the novelty of the study. Based on this, they may decide to send the manuscript for peer review, typically to two or three external reviewers. If this happens, in the case of this journal, the status change may be indicated by something other than (or at least, slightly different from) ‘Under Review.’

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