Q: What does journal status 'In process' mean?

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I had submitted an article to a Taylor& Francis Communication journal 5 months ago. I was asked to shorten the article and resubmit it 3 months ago. Just before that, on enquiring, I was also informed that they are between editors, and I received an apology mail. Last, I received a mail saying my article is under full consideration for publication in their journal. The mail was from the Associate Editor and not admin,as it used to come earlier. The status shows'In process' from end of January. What does 'In process' mean? Is it different from 'Decision in process?

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The “decision in process” status indicates that the editorial board is in the process of making the final decision about your paper. While you have mentioned that your paper's status is "in process," the background you've provided likely suggests that your status means the same as the "decision in process" status. This is because you have been informed that your paper is under consideration for publication. That you are now communicating with an AE should not be a concerning matter. I'm not sure when you last communicated with the AE, but if it has been a while and you're anxious about the status of your paper, you can write back to make a polite inquiry. 

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