Q: What does "The manuscript should be reorganized" mean in a reviewer's comment?

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By this, the reviewer is suggesting that the manuscript be structured better. This can be done in two ways:

  • You can restructure the entire paper better by using the IMRaD structure to write and present your paper. Using IMRaD, your manuscript will flow more cohesively.
  • You can reorganize individual sections (and sub-sections), paragraphs, and even headings (and sub-headings) as needed for the information to flow logically and smoothly.

When making this suggestion, the reviewer would most likely have provided pointers, or at least a few examples, on how to reorganize the paper. If not, you may refer to the resources provided below for better writing and presenting your paper. Later, when submitting the revised manuscript, you can respond to this comment, illustrating specific ways in which you have attempted to better structure the paper.

Here are some resources for writing and presenting a research paper: