Q: What is meant by the significance of the study?

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My study is about the lower grades of students.

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The significance of the study implies the importance of the study for the broader area of study, the specific question of the study, and the target group under study. In this case, the target group is students (whether of school, college, or university) and the broad area is the lower grades among these students. The specific question, I assume, will be around causes/factors, implications, or remedies for the lower grades. So, you will need to talk about how your study will be important or relevant for these various aspects of the study. The significance is written in the Introduction section of the paper, after providing the background (context) of the study. (Note that in the Discussion section, you will need to talk about the significance of the results – what the findings of the study mean for your study question – and you will need to do so in considerable detail.)

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