Q: What is the acceptance rate for revised manuscripts with a major revision decision?

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I received the following email from the editor: "Based on the reviewer comments received, I feel that your manuscript could be accepted for publication should you be prepared to incorporate Major revisions. When preparing your revised manuscript, you are asked to carefully consider the reviewer comments which are attached below, and submit a list of responses to the comments."

My question is: What is the acceptance rate for major revisions? In my case, one reviewer suggested minor revisions and the other suggested major revisions.


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The acceptance rate of a revised paper varies across journals and fields. Additionally, it is not possible to predict the fate of a paper based on the acceptance rates for a specific journal. You have received one recommendation for major and one for minor revisions. If you address the reviewers’ concerns satisfactorily, your paper stands a fair chance of getting accepted. However, as the editor has mentioned, you need to consider the reviewer comments very carefully, and provide point-by-point responses. Try to follow the reviewers’ suggestions as far as possible. If you have been asked to conduct more experiments, try to do so. If there are a few points that you do not agree with, you can definitely disagree, but you need to clearly explain why you disagree with the comment, giving supporting evidence. Additionally, make sure you are polite and courteous in your responses.

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