Q: What kind of objectives should I have for my research on 'A comparative assessment of construction practice and social sustainability of university buildings'?

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I am trying to obtain objectives for research, but I need help with generating the best and realistic objectives.

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Hello Mudde – Welcome back to the forum! It seems your research has progressed from the proposal stage to the planning stage (given that your earlier query a month or so ago was about writing a problem statement for the proposal). If so, that’s great. :-)

And again, you seem to be thinking along solid lines, with the intention to come up with the “best” objectives that are also “realistic.” In fact, that is just what objectives are about – they should be attainable. Also, they should tie in with the overall goal of the research. So, maybe you should first write down an overarching or terminal objective and then break that down into smaller or enabling objectives. So, your smaller objectives will probably involve studying challenges imposed on the environment by construction practices and the need to be sustainable. To get you started, we have provided below a set of resources (queries by other researchers) on how to draft objectives.

Additionally, the best way to go about developing objectives (apart from a thorough analysis of your research problem) is to look up recent papers on the topic. Environmental sustainability is a much-discussed topic these days, and you should be able to find more than a few papers in the area.

Hope that helps. And again, all the best for your research!