Q: What makes a published article a high quality one?

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How do I know whether a published paper is of high quality?

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Evaluating the quality of an article is not an easy task and comes with experience and familiarity with high quality articles. However, there are some basic criteria that you can use to determine whether a published article is of good quality:

Where is it published? Check whether the article is published in a large reputable journal in the field.

Who is the author? Look up the author and check his/her affiliations and list of publications. Is the author affiliated with a reputed university and does he/she have several articles published in reputed journals?

Is the article widely recommended? Check how many times it has been cited. Make sure that there aren't too many self-citations or citations from a single source. Find out if the article has been recommended or discussed in blogs or social media.

Does it have a clear research question? The research question as well as the aim of the article should be clear and easy to understand.

Have the study limitations been mentioned? The paper should mention the limitations of the study or arguments that can be made against their point to give the reader a balanced view of both sides.

You can also look up this article from Cornell University Library for some great tips on this.