Q: What to do if your manuscript is rejected on the grounds that it is not appropriate?

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I submitted a manuscript to the International Journal of Managerial Finance and after assigning it to an editor, the decision is that it cannot be published because it is not appropriate. I don't really know what is wrong with the manuscript.

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Answer: Mostly it happens if the submitted manuscript does not match with the Scope of the journal. Also sometimes if the manuscript does not contain sufficient research work or sentences are not organized in a continuous manner to represent the work then editor made such comments. You may select another journal whose aims and scope matching with your manuscript and read author guideline carefully to comply with journal's requirement. For social science and humanities journal take a look at new journal "Advanced Journal of Social Science" at link https://www.aijr.in/journal-list/advanced-journal-social-science/

This is how the manuscript screening process works at journals. Once your paper is submitted, it is assigned to an editor who conducts an initial evaluation to see if the manuscript matches the scope and quality standards of the journal. If the manuscript clears the initial screening, it is sent for peer review; else, it is rejected.

Often, a rejection without peer review occurs because the paper is not suitable for the journal in terms of scope, target audience, etc. In your case, what the journal means is that the manuscript is not appropriate for publishing in this journal because of one of these reasons. The rejection probably indicates that your journal selection was not appropriate. This is apart of the journal publication process, and everyone faces rejection at some point of time. Don't worry, just be more careful while selecting your target journal next time.

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Answer: Ask the editor concerned to qualify what he or she means by "not appropriate".