Q: What will the problem statement for my study around workplace happiness and employee engagement?

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What will be the statement of the problem for a study on the relationship between workplace happiness and employee engagement that can lead to organizational success in the Indian consulting sector?

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The statement of the problem is a precise yet detailed expression of the problem around three aspects: the current state, the desired or ideal state, and the remedies or solutions obtained as a part of your study that will yield the desired state. As the desired state in your study seems to be ‘organizational success in the Indian consulting sector,’ you will need to explore possible changes to make to employee engagement that will lead to workplace happiness, which in turn will lead to organizational success.

As a part of your design, you will need to establish the parameters/metrics for assessing both workplace happiness (such as reduced sick leaves) and organizational success (such as growth in business). For help with drafting the actual problem statement, you may refer to this excellent resource: The basics of writing a statement of the problem for your research proposal

Incidentally, a note about your study and something that you may wish to think about. The study presently seems a bit layered, as in:

Employee engagement > Workplace happiness > Organizational success

You may wish to think about making it more direct, as in:

Employee engagement > Organizational success

This way, you will also have just one independent variable (IV) and one dependent variable (DV), instead of two interacting DVs. Unless of course you have a strong reason for studying the interaction between employee engagement and workplace happiness. In case you need help with your design, you may consider our Experimental Design service.

Hope that helps. All the best for your study!