Q: Which article types does the journal "Nature Geoscience" publish?

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I plan to submit a letter article to Nature Geoscience, but I found that this article type is not available from 2017. Is that the case? What should I do if I want to submit this kind of article? Thanks! 

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If I understand you correctly, you mean to say that you want to make a submission that would be categorized as “Letter to the Editor.”

Nature Geoscience publishes the following types of articles: 

  • Original research articles - These describe a novel research study.
  • Reviews and perspectives – Both these article types are solicited by the Editor and include literature surveys in new and emerging developments in the field.
  • News & views - These are often invited by the Editor, but the author can contact the Editor if they want to contribute to this article type; News & Views have information about the latest advances in geosciences.
  • Books & arts - This section contains reviews about latest books that are released in this field.
  • Correspondence : These articles provide readers with a forum to comment on papers published in a previous issue of the journal or to discuss issues relevant to the geosciences.

I think the article you wish to submit might fall under the category of "Correspondence." So, basically, in this journal, “Letter to the Editor” is referred to as Correspondence. If this is what you are referring to, you may consult the author guidelines available at https://www.nature.com/ngeo/for-authors/preparing-your-submission and accordingly prepare your article for submission.

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