Q: Which journal should I submit to if I want to publish my article in 3 months' time?

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I want to publish my article about treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, but I have  to publish it within the next 3 months.Which journal should I submit my paper to?

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You should submit your paper to a rapid publication journal in your field. These journals have short review times. It is difficult to recommend a journal for your paper without actually going through the content, but you can have a look at this list of rapid publication journals from various fields and check if any of them would be suitable for your paper.

Alternatively, you can go to any academic database such as DOAJ, ISI, etc. and select a few target journals that match the scope of your paper. Once you shortlist a few journals in your field, go through their website carefully and find out if they offer rapid publication and how much time they take from submission to final decision. Keep some buffer time as you would not know whether the paper will be accepted or rejected. If it is rejected, you will have to submit it to another journal. To avoid rejection due to mismatch with the journal's scope and readership, send pre-submission inquiries to a few journals at the same time. Submit to a journal that shows interest in your paper. That way, you'll save time. 

However, you have to be really cautious when you select rapid publication journals. Taking advantage of the immense competition and pressure to publish, some publishers entice authors with a false promise of publication success but are really more interested in stealing original ideas. To begin with, choose the right journal to avoid falling prey to predatory or bogus publishers. Pay close attention to the information on the journal's website. Watch out for promises that may sound too good to be true. 

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