Q: Why did my manuscript's status change from "With Editor" to "Decision in Process"?

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I have submitted a manuscript to a journal published by Elsevier and the status on the Elsevier Edoitorial System (EES) changed from "With editor" to "Decision in process" 5 days ago. I thought it is a desk rejection but shouldn’t the decision have been sent already? Why is it taking all that time to inform the corresponding author of the editor’s decision? Could I have some hope that the status "Decision in process" can have more than one meaning according to the journal

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‘Decision in Process’ on the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) means that the editor has logged a decision in the system but is awaiting confirmation from the Editor-in-Chief (EiC). A ‘Decision in Process’ soon after submission typically indicates that the manuscript is being desk-rejected. However, sometimes, if the rejection is due to a formatting error or some other journal requirement that you may have missed out, they could ask you to make revisions and re-submit. So, you do have reason to be hopeful. Even if the journal rejects your manuscript, you can look for a match with another journal and submit to them. For now, you could wait for Elsevier’s response. If they take more than two weeks, you (or the corresponding author, if the roles are different) could write to them seeking an update. In either case, all the best for the next steps.


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