Q: Why would a revised manuscript following very minor revisions appear as “reviewers assigned” in the editorial manager system?

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I have a paper on a Springer journal with "Accept - with minor revision with1-2 little modifications related to citations of the references and refereence list ". Then, I have made all the necessary modifications and resubmitted.
The status was "With Editor" for one day, then on the next it changed to "reviewers assigned". What I have heard was that minor revision does not require another round of revision in most of the cases. In this case, does it mean that the paper is sent back to referees again? Or is it just with the editor who evaluates the last version of the paper?
Please help me.

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If the minor revision were requested by the reviewers (instead of the editors) the editors will send the manuscript back to the reviewers to confirm requested revisions were adequately incorporated. However, if the editors requested these minor revisions then ideally it would not be sent back for another round of review. You can always write to the journal to inquire about the status of the manuscript if you think it has been under “reviewers assigned” for a long time.

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