Q: Would a chemical journal with an impact factor (IF) of 2 be considered low-impact?

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Are papers published in a chemical journal with an IF of 2-2.5 to be considered low-impact? Specifically, which score onward should be rated as high-impact?

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Hello again, Ryota! So, based on your previous query and this one, it would seem you wish to submit to a chemistry journal with Wiley. :-) Anyway, it’s great that you are seeking all this information. It’s always better to have as much information beforehand – it helps to be better prepared for the submission.

Coming to your query, there are actually two queries. Also, IF is a very debated matter when it comes to journal selection. However, let’s address these one by one.

Firstly, a journal with an IF of 2-2.5 may be considered a bit on the lower side, but not very low. Note that many journals fall in this bracket. The majority of journals, in fact, fall in the bracket of an IF of 1-1+. So, a journal with an IF of 2-2.5 would be considered having a higher impact than these journals. A journal with an IF of 5 or above would be considered high-impact, but note that these would be fewer in number. Most journals actually fall in the combined category of an IF of 1-2. For more information on these metrics and what they signify, you may refer to this article.

However, you should also consider other factors, such as how long the journal has been in existence and whether the IF has been increasing, reducing, or remained static over the years. Most journals with a lower IF are usually new ones, thanks especially to the rise of the open access (OA) movement, which has given birth to a lot of journals, both OA and hybrid (a mix of OA and paid).

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, IF may not be the only deciding factor in selecting a journal. In recent years, IF has been receding in importance as a factor. Plus, there are other measures of a journal’s prestige these days. Interestingly, researchers, especially new or young ones, still hold IF in great regard. On the other hand, publishers and more experienced researchers urge others to look beyond the IF. For more perspectives on this matter, you may go through the following resources:

Finally, as we had suggested in our response to your previous query, you also need to know whether a journal is relevant to your field and subject area and how closely it is so.

Hope that helps. Again, all the best for your submission!