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pISSN: 1949-2553

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    Impact Journals


Who is the publisher of Oncotarget? Faqs

The publisher of Oncotarget is Impact Journals.

How can I view the journal metrics of Oncotarget on editage? Faqs

For the Oncotarget metrics, please refer to the section above on the page.

What is the focus of this journal? Faqs

The journal covers a wide range of topics inlcuding Cancer, Reactive oxygen species, Gene expression, Leukemia, Lung cancer, Overall survival, Oxidative stress, Toxicity, Radiation, Magnetic resonance imaging, Progression-free survival, Epidermal growth factor receptor, Neuroscience, Hepatocellular carcinoma, Autophagy, Glycolysis, Breast cancer, Lung, Endoplasmic reticulum, Cell cycle.

Why is it important to find the right journal for my research? Faqs

Choosing the right journal ensures that your research reaches the most relevant audience, thereby maximizing its scholarly impact and contribution to the field.

Can the choice of journal affect my academic career? Faqs

Absolutely. Publishing in reputable journals can enhance your academic profile, making you more competitive for grants, tenure, and other professional opportunities.

Is it advisable to target high-impact journals only? Faqs

While high-impact journals offer greater visibility, they are often highly competitive. It's essential to balance the journal's impact factor with the likelihood of your work being accepted.