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We've edited manuscripts ranging from the most complex econometrics documents to business strategy documents to financial reports. With over 100+ subjects covered and 20,000+ papers edited in the Business and Economics domain, we're more than capable of handling your documents. If you're unable to find the exact subject for your paper, please contact us and we'll find the right expert for you.

100+ subjects edited in the Business and Economics domain
Business and Economics Subjects    
Accounting and taxAccounting, auditing, insurance, and taxActuarial science
AgribusinessAgricultural economicsAirport management
Annual reports, quarterly reports, and financial statementsArms and defense industryBanking and finance
Banking lawBanking, finance, and investingBankruptcy law
Behavioral economicsBusiness analysis, financial analysis, and financial reportsBusiness communication
Business competitionBusiness educationBusiness ethics
Business historyBusiness intelligenceBusiness management and administration
Business policy and strategic managementCapitalismCase management
Casino and gaming managementCasualty insuranceCentral banking
Commercial lawConstruction and building industryConsulting
Consumer goods industryConsumer protection and product reviewsConsumer studies
Cooperative organizationsCorporate governanceCorporate law
Corporate social responsibilityCrisis managementCustomer service
Development economicsDistribution and logisticsEconometrics
Economic historyEconomic modelingEconomic policy
Economic theoryElectric power industryEmissions trading
Employee benefitsEmployee performance evaluationEmployee selection
EntrepreneurshipEnvironmental and energy economicsEstate planning
Event planningExportation and importationFarm management
Finance mathematicsFinancial advisingFinancial crisis management
Financial economicsFinancial marketsFinancial mathematics
Financial regulationFinancial risk managementFinancial technology
Franchise lawGame theoryGeneral contracting industry
Health economicsHealth fraudHome economics
Hospitality industryHuman resource management and industrial relationsHuman services
Humanitarian fundingHumanitarian reliefIndustrial organization
Industrial researchInnovation managementInsurance law
International businessInventory management and controlKnowledge management
Labor and demographic economicsLeadershipManagement consulting and case studies
Manufacturing, production, and logisticsMarketing and advertisingMergers and acquisitions
Monetary economicsNational health insuranceNonprofit organization administration
Operations management and planningOperations researchOutsourcing and offshoring
Personal finance and budgetingPhilanthropy and fundraisingPlastics industry and trade
PovertyProduction and operations managementProperty tax
Public economicsPublic financePublic relations
Public-Private partnershipQuality managementResearch and development
Resource economicsSecuritiesSmall business
Social choice theorySocial welfareSpatial economics
Sports marketingStatistics in economics and other social sciencesStrategic planning
Supply chain managementSustainable businessTax law
Technology and innovation managementTourism economicsTourism, leisure, and hospitality management
Transport economics
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    Area of Expertise: Business management, Finance
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    Area of Expertise: International trade and development, Public policy management, Economic growth and Poverty reduction, Regional economic integration, Food security and sustainability
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    Area of Expertise: International relations, Economic diplomacy, Foreign policy studies
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    Area of Expertise: Applied economics, Economic history/Thought/Philosophy, Quantitative economics, Statistical economics

We're inspiring researchers every day

We're inspiring an increasing number of researchers overcome barriers in scientific communication each day. Papers edited by us have been published in numerous high-impact journals. Below are some examples.

Journal Name Published Paper Title Author's Name Impact Factor
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics Strong influence of long-distance edge effect on herb-layer vegetation in forest fragments in an agricultural landscape Jenyk Hofmeister 4.158
Technovation Determinants of licensing activities of local public technology centers in Japan Nobuya Fukugawa 2.993
Review of Economics and Statistics Economies of density and productivity in service industries: An analysis of personal service industries based on establishment-level data Masayuki Morikawa 2.883
Ecological Economics A duration analysis of environmental alternative dispute resolution in Japan Shigeru Matsumoto 2.754
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics The relation between the speed of demand saturation and the dynamism of the labour market Kazuhiro Kurose 2.236
Food Policy The distributional effect of the rice policy in Japan, 1986-2010 Daisuke Takahashi 2.054
Statistics in Medicine An efficient and robust method for analyzing population pharmacokinetic data in genome-wide pharmacogenomic studies: a generalized estimating equation approach Kengo Nagashima 2.044
Public Understanding of Science Public judgment on science expenditure in the national budget of Japan: An experimental approach to examining the effects of unpacking science Dr. Kazuya Nakayachi 1.866
Journal of Transport Geography Constructing a mixed-logit model with market positioning to analyze the effects of new mode introduction Chih-Wen Yang 1.706
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment Willingness-to-pay for infrastructure investments for alternative fuel vehicles Nobuyuki Ito 1.659
Journal of Geographical Systems Hedonic approaches based on spatial econometrics and spatial statistics: application to evaluation of project benefits Morito Tsutsumi 1.298
Service Industries Journal Financial service sector performance measurement model: AHP sensitivity analysis and balanced scorecard approach Pei-Hsuan Tsai 1.071
European Review of Agricultural Economics Dairy supply chain modernisation in Poland: What about those not keeping pace Jan Falkowski 1.065
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications Dynamic Game Model of Endogenous Growth with Consumption Externalities Katsuhiko Hori 1.062
Journal of Technology Transfer University spillovers into small technology-based firms: channel, mechanism, and geography Nobuya Fukugawa 1.014
Annals of Regional Science Hub location with scheduling effects in a monopoly airline market Akio Kawasaki 1.01
Annals of Regional Science? Unified computable urban economic model Morito Tsutsumi 1.01
Telecommunications Policy Exploring the mass adoption of third-generation (3G) mobile phones in taiwan Weichen Teng 0.963
Canadian Journal of Economics Equity market and foreign capital Yoko Furukawa 0.844
Games and Economic Behavior Collusion, Agglomeration, and Heterogeneity of Firms Toshihiro Matsumura 0.829
Oxford Economic Papers Population growth and north-south uneven development Hiroaki Sasaki 0.714
Economic Modelling Income convergence in Japan: a Bayesian spatial Durbin model approach Morito Tsutsumi 0.601
Economic Modelling How will the related variables change if global imbalances unwind Hideki Nishigaki 0.601
Quantitative Finance Pricing a defaultable bond with a stochastic recovery rate Shu-Ling Chiang 0.59
Journal of Economics Global environment and dynamic games of environmental policy in an international duopoly Akihiko Yanase 0.577
Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination Lending attitude as a financial accelerator in a credit network economy Daiki Asanuma 0.571
Economics Letters The price of education and inequality Tetsuya Nakajima 0.449
Economics Letters Impacts of intangible assets on the initial public offering of biotechnology startups Nobuya Fukugawa 0.449
Economics Letters Price versus quantity in a mixed duopoly Toshihiro Matsumura 0.447
Economics Letters Welfare consequence of an asymmetric regulation in a mixed Bertrand duopoly Toshihiro Matsumura 0.447
Economics Bulletin

An analysis of the relationship between us reit returns

Hideki Nishigaki 0.422
Economics Bulletin

Relationship between the yen carry trade and the related financial variables

Hideki Nishigaki 0.422
Economics Bulletin The impact of the appreciation of east asian currencies on global imbalance Hideki Nishigaki 0.422
Economics Bulletin The impact of a net increase in Japanese investment in foreign assets on the Yen rate Hideki Nishigaki 0.422
Economics Bulletin

Are the fiscal and monetary policies of the G-7 countries effective in decreasing the U.S. trade deficit?

Hideki Nishigaki 0.422
Economics Bulletin Why do rice farmers in Taiwan not expand scale Economies of scale and the estimation of short- and long-run cost efficiencies using stochastic frontier analysis with time-varying panel data model Tsai-Yu Chang 0.422
Economics Bulletin Quantitative evaluation of the Japanese rice policy reforms under the WTO agreement on agriculture Daisuke Takahashi 0.422
Economics Bulletin Rules of origin and international rd rivalry Kazuhiro Takauchi 0.422
International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics The effects of medical factors on transfer deficits in public assistance in Japan: a quantile regression analysis Masayoshi Hayashi 0.415
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies Optimal borrowing structure: An explanation for the multiplicity of large-share creditors and the differentiation among them Shinjiro Miyazawa 0.404
Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies Asset Allocation and Consumption Choices of the Representative Agent with External Habit Formation Wonnho Choi 0.367
FinanzArchiv: Public Finance Analysis Envy, inequity aversion, and optimal income taxation Gangsik Choi 0.364
International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications: A Leading Journal of Supply Chain Management The effect of past experiences on the estimation of the expected shipment times on highly variable routes: a case study in the Lao People's Democratic Republic Shinya Hanaoka 0.357
Review of Economic Design A dynamic analysis of collusive networks Yasunori Okumura 0.194
Bulletin of Economic Research Competitiveness and stability of collusive behavior Toshihiro Matsumura 0.188
Metroeconomica A simple model of Keynesian unemployment Tetsuya Nakajima 0.176
China Agricultural Economic Review The influence of agricultural policies on agriculture structure adjustment in taiwan: an analysis of off-farm labor movement Tsai-Yu Chang 0.167
VIEšOJI POLITIKA IR ADMINISTRAVIMAS (Public Policy and Administration) Corporate strategy in Japanese high-tech industries Kazunobu Oyama
VIEšOJI POLITIKA IR ADMINISTRAVIMAS (Public Policy and Administration) Two dysfunctions in high-tech research and development Kazunobu Oyama
Science and Public Policy Evaluating the strategy of local public technology centers in regional innovation systems: evidence from Japan Nobuya Fukugawa

Corporate Ownership and Control

Corporate governance and performance: evidence from Chinese private listed companies based on cash flow rights and control rights

Dan Hu
Theoretical Economics Letters The role of money: credible asset or numeraire Masayuki Otaki
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics The effects of strategic subsidies under FTA with ROO Kazuhiro Takauchi
International Journal of Integrated Supply Management Defective item inventory model with remanufacturing or replenishing in an integrated supply chain Chi-Chung Lin
Applied Mathematical Finance Boundaries of Correlation Adjustment with Applications to Financial Risk Management Kawee Numpacharoen
Journal of Business and Economics The Stability of a Regionally Fixed Exchange Rate System: Can Euro be Sustained by Austere Fiscal Discipline? Masayuki Otaki
International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems Impacts and channels of university spillovers before the national innovation system reform in Japan Nobuya Fukugawa
Papers in Regional Science Measuring the impact of large-scale transportation projects on land price using spatial statistical models Morito Tsutsumi
Theoretical Economics Letters A pure theory of aggregate price determination Masayuki Otaki
International Journal of Mechanic Systems Engineering Lean Manufacturing Systems in Small and Medium Enterprises: A Framework for Lean Tools Integration Jirapat Wanitwattanakosol
Empirical Economics Letters How serious is piracy in the videogame industry Nobuya Fukugawa
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics The dynamics of the labour market and income distribution in relation to the speed of demand saturation Kazuhiro Kurose
International Journal of Disaster risk reduction Paradoxical Effects of the Record-high Tsunamis Caused by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake on Public Judgments of Danger Dr. Kazuya Nakayachi
International Journal of Mobile Communications Consumer adoption of PDA phones in Taiwan Weichen Teng
Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences Interregional productivity differentials: a shift-share decomposition analysis and its application to post-war Japan Mitsuhiko Kataoka
Theoretical Economics Letters A Keynesian model of a small open economy under a flexible exchange rate system Masayuki Otaki
Theoretical Economics Letters A Study on Lucas' `Expectations and the Neutrality of Money' Masayuki Otaki
Theoretical Economics Letters A Keynesian Endogenous Growth Theory with a Rigorous Microeconomic Foundation Masayuki Otaki
Theoretical Economics Letters The Aggregation Problem in Employment Theory: A Representative Individual Model or Indivisible Employees Model Masayuki Otaki
Theoretical Economics Letters

A microeconomic foundation for optimum currency areas: The case for perfect capital mobility and immobile labor forces

Masayuki Otaki
Theoretical Economics Lettes A Macroeconomic Consequence of Foreign Direct Investment: The Welfare Economics of Industrial Hollowing Masayuki Otaki
British Food Journal Quality attributes of cactus pear fruit and their role in consumer choice: the case of Italian consumers Giuseppina Migliore 0.649
Land Use Policy Collective action vs. conservation auction: Lessons from a social experiment of a collective auction of water conservation contracts in Japan Daisuke Takahashi 3.134
Asian Economic Journal Capital Stock Estimates by Province and Interprovincial Distribution in Indonesia Mitsuhiko Kataoka 0.263
Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering Capital Structure Determinants among Construction Companies in South Korea: A Quantile Regression Approach Seungkyu Yoo 0.27
International Journal of Business Administration The Implementation of EMV Chip Card Technology to Improve Cyber Security Accelerates in the U.S. Following Target Corporation's Data Breach Dahli Gray
International Journal of Business Administration The Implementation of EMV Chip Card Technology to Improve Cyber Security Accelerates in the U.S. Following Target Corporation's Data Breach Dahli Gray
Journal of East-West Business Russian Manufacturing Subsidiaries of Western Multinational Corporations: Support from Parents and Cooperation with Sister-Subsidiaries Igor Gurkov
Strategic Finance Magazine Secure Cards: Are Consumers Ready? Dahli Gray
Sustainability Labor Union Effects on Innovation and Commercialization Productivity: An Integrated Propensity Score Matching and Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis Dongphil Chun 0.942
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