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I had a dream that bothered me. In this dream, I found out that the journal editor had rejected my paper based on an algorithm. It made me so irate that I woke up. Upon…
Will robots ever truly be our "peers" when it comes to peer review?
What merit do authors see in peer review? This opinion piece explores the attitudes and perceptions authors seem to have toward peer review and what value it adds to…
Do authors really value and respect peer review as much as they say they do?
How can we open up the scientific dialogue and enable science to push us forward? Dr. Ben Britton, a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College in London, shares thoughts on…
Peer review as a system: Can we do better?
Dr. Bahar Mehmani is the Reviewer Experience Lead in the Global Publishing Development department at Elsevier. Dr. Mehmani has been part of several industry workshops,…
Anyone who has published an article and has gone through a peer review process is a potential reviewer
The life of an academic is surrounded by the process of peer review. But it is a tricky process in many ways and since I recently experienced it again, I wanted to…
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  • September 17, 2019
Why peer review should be fun, but can make you cry
When calculating the electrokinetic force, the convention has been to assume that there is no relative velocity of the fluid compared to the surface, which holds true…
Charge change: How electric forces vary in colloids
After my first year as an academic editor at PLOS One, I’ve learned a lot about the peer review process, including what happens to my own papers when I submit them for…
Understanding peer review: My first 12 months as a journal editor
What do authors think about peer review? Do they think it's working? What changes do they want to see in peer review? And how can peer review quality be improved? Read…
How peer review is perceived by authors from emerging research countries
Some people don’t like reviewing. I don't understand this, because I happen to love it! And after 15 years of reviewing, I have learned that there are a few…
My peer review wishlist
The 2019 Lasker Awards were announced recently. This year's awards recognize contributions in the fields of cellular immunology, women's oncology, and childhood…