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This post suggests some ways journals can adopt to attract high-quality submissions.
What makes a journal author-centric
Did you know that only eight women have won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry ever since it was first awarded in 1901? The first woman laureate was Marie Curie in 1911. Of…
Torchbearers of Science: Women Nobel Laureates in Chemistry since 2000
This post lists some noteworthy chemistry-focused humor sites that deserve a place in your bookmark list.
5 Humorous resources for chemistry researchers to keep their ion
This article highlights how success is to be measured in academia, which lacks the convenience of a balance sheet that can clearly reveal the success or failure of a…
What defines success in academia?
As 2022 draws to a close, it’s time to get a flavor of the main developments influencing scholarly writing and publishing this year.
We published 243 content pieces on Editage Insights this year, and this post has some of the most interesting and well-received ones.
November 10 marks the 21st World Science Day for Peace and Development. Here, we discuss the theme of this year’s World Science Day and why it is significant. 
Writing to a journal can be stressful for authors. This article gives some useful tips for you to communicate with your journal effectively.
Bullying is something that everybody understands is bad, but it remains rife in many fields, including in medicine, the military, and primary or secondary education…
It is no secret that academia has a dark, expansive history of bullying. Over the past few years, a growing body of evidence has suggested an alarming rate of bullying…