Scholarly Publishing Trends

cOAlition S has initiated a pilot project wherein eight publishers have volunteered to share detailed information about their pricing. The main intent of this initiative…
8 Publishers to disclose pricing details as part of a Plan S pilot
As part of efforts to promote discussions around mental health in academia, Editage Insights will host a free online talk by motivational speaker Prasha Sarwate Dutra.
Conquering mental health demons: Editage Insights to host motivational talk for STEM academics
As a PhD student, postdoc or lab leader, do you feel like your mental health may be suffering because of problems in the system? Do you think your lab could be managed…
Do you love science but are unhappy with the culture in academia?
A court in south China’s Shenzhen city found He Jiankui and two others his research team guilty of illegally gene-editing human embryos. All the three researchers…
Chinese scientist He Jiankui sentenced to prison for gene-edited babies
An in-depth look at several recent initiatives taken by various Indian stakeholders to improve the quality of research in the country
A group of 43 leading publishers and scholars from 10 countries met in Canada to define predatory publishers and journals. Read on to know more about the definition and…
Elsevier has signed new agreements with the Bibsam consortium and a U.S. university. Read on to find out more details. 
Cao Xuetao, a senior researcher in China and president of Nankai University in Tianjin, is facing allegations of image manipulation in several papers he has authored.
I became curious about what kept researchers motivated on their journey. So I reached out to a few of them, looking for answers to a couple of simple questions: What…
Editage, a leading science communications brand by Cactus Communications (CACTUS) has partnered with ReviewerCredits, a spinoff company endorsed by the University of…