Q: Why is the status of my revised manuscript showing "Awaiting reviewer assignment"?

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I submited my paper to The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal. I received provisional acceptance with minor revisions. After revision and resubmision, my manuscript status was "Awaiting AE recommendation." Then it changed to "Awaiting reviewer assignment" What does it mean? Will my paper be reviewed again?

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It is quite normal for a revised paper to be reviewed once again. In case of major revisions, revised manuscripts are almost always sent for a second round of peer review. For minor revisions, some editors might make a decision on their own, but they can send it out for peer review if they feel the need to. Don't worry, it is just part of the regular journal evaluation process. Moreover, this round of peer review should not ideally take too long as the paper would in most cases be sent to the same set of reviewers. So hopefully, you will get to hear the final decision soon. All the best!

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