Q: Can I mention the new affiliation as well as the current affiliation?

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My affiliation will change on 1st April. Currently, I am involved with a paper as a coauthor, and the paper will be submitted within March. Accordingly, my affiliation might need to be changed at the time of submission. Can I mention the the current affiliation as the ‘present address’ as well as the new affiliation in the paper? I am the fifth coauthor.

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If the paper will indeed be submitted within March and you will be joining your new workplace in April, this can get a bit tricky. In any case, there isn’t much consensus on multiple affiliations. Nevertheless, you may proceed in the following manner.

  • As you have rightly considered, you can mention your ongoing affiliation as the present address. If there is a provision for including a comment (such as a section or box), you can include the forthcoming affiliation too with a comment such as ‘From April 1 – [Name of affiliation].’
  • If/When the paper comes back for a revision, you may need to update the affiliation section, especially if you are involved in the changes. Additionally, if your new workplace makes any contributions to the revised document, you may need to acknowledge this contribution in the Acknowledgments section.
  • In both cases, you could also check the guidelines regarding affiliations for both your present workplace and your new workplace.

All the best for the paper, and also for the new role!

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