Q: Can I request the editor who is responsible for my paper to be changed?

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I submitted my paper to an Elsevier journal. The first-round reviewer comments were quite positive, but the editor gave major revisions. I resubmitted my paper after revising it, and the status has remained "With editor" for 15 weeks. Is it proper to request changing the editor now? Is there any better strategy?

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Congratulations on receiving positive comments from the reviewers! It is not advisable to request for a change of editor at this stage. The handling editor of your manuscript would know about your manuscript and will be in a better position to evaluate it. It generally takes some time for the editor to review the appropriateness of the author's responses and decide whether to send the manuscript for a second round of peer-review. However, 15 weeks is too long for this. Therefore, you should write to the journal editor to update you about the status of your manuscript and request him/her to speed up the process.


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