Q: Can I use the same datasets in two different research papers?

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Can I use the same datasets in two different research papers? The second dataset has 11 additional samples. I need a quick publication so I cannot wait until the first paper is accepted. 
In Paper 1, I have hypothesized constructs as A impacts C mediated by B; this article is now under peer review.
While I was writing this article I kept contacting the firms for additional samples and now I can use new 11 samples . Additionally, I have new set of constructs. I wish to study antecedents to construct A (A is same as previous paper) . The construct B also remains same which is impacted by A and there is no construct C in this paper.
In short the datset for B and C remains same with 11 additional samples.
The methodology of both papers is same.

1 Answer to this question

Given the data, method, and variable are the same for both studies, if the results are different, it is necessary to specify how much the difference is. If the results of the 2 papers are not significantly different, this may amount to salami slicing. If the results might be similar, implying salami slicing, if you do intend to publish them, you may submit the latter as an addendum to the previous study. Else, consider submitting the second paper to another journal and inform them about the complete details of the first paper.

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