Q: Can you help me formulate the problem statement for my thesis?

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My topic is: ‘Instructional supervision of school head as a correlation of teacher effectiveness.’

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Firstly, the topic title wasn’t entirely clear. So, we have made some edits. However, we are still not sure about the meaning of the topic. Perhaps by ‘school head,’ you mean ‘principal,’ and therefore mean that this study will look at how teacher effectiveness is a correlation of the instructional supervision provided by the principal.

Also, as this is a thesis, which is meant to assess your understanding of research and then your ability to conduct research, it would be best for you to work through the problem statement. However, we can provide some pointers as well as share some resources that you may refer to.

A problem statement is a detailed yet precise expression of the problem under study. It is typically expressed in three parts: the existing state regarding the problem, the desired or ideal state, and the remedy or solution that will lead to the ideal state. For this, it helps to first do a comprehensive literature search. Once you work out an effective statement, it is easier to work out the hypothesis and then the methodology of the study. In your case, as the topic title doesn’t seem very clear, you’ll need to begin by first articulating that clearly and then working on the problem statement.

For more information on developing the problem statement, you may refer to the following resources:

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Hi. Thanks for providing clarification around your question > What is the relationship of instructional supervision of principal to teacher effectiveness? I want to know if there is a relationship between good instructional supervision and teacher effectiveness.

However, as indicated earlier, this is something you would need to determine through your research. If however you are looking for thoughts and comments from other researchers who may have studied this topic, apart from this forum, you may share your question in our group for researchers on Facebook called Researcher Voice