Q: Can I resubmit an article published by a predatory journal to a reputable journal?

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I submitted my paper to a journal. After observing that it is predatory, I decided to withdraw it and then start the process of submitting it to another international journal. Unfortunately, they rejected the study and informed me that it was already published. I need your advice and guidance. What I may do to resubmit the paper to another journal? 

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If your paper is already published by the predatory journal, you cannot really do anything. No reputable journal will publish a paper that is already published as it will be regarded as duplicate submission. 


If you can somehow convince the predatory journal to pull down the published paper, and if it has not received any citations already, you can perhaps still try to submit it to another journal. However, I doubt that the predatory journal will agree to unpublish the article. If that is the case, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.


Take this as a learning experience and make sure you carefully check the website of any journal that you target for your future publications.

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