Q: Can you provide a sample Thomson Reuters SCI management paper?

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Can I send you my paper? Also, can you provide a sample Thomson Reuters SCI paper related to management?

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By your first question, it is not clear if you wish to send us your paper for submission or for help with submission. If the former, do note that while we help researchers with the publication process, we do not publish research articles ourselves. However, we have a wide range of services for the entire manuscript publishing cycle. If you need help with identifying a relevant journal and also help with preparing your manuscript for submission, you may learn more about our publication support services here: Editage Publication Support

Similarly, it is not possible to provide you sample SCI papers. However, if you wish to look at sample papers in management in the public domain, you may do so using the appropriate keywords. If you wish to identify prospective journals, you may do so through the Clarivate Analytics Master Journal List (the new name for the Thomson Reuters SCI journal database), the Scimago Journal and Country Rank database, or similar such databases.

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