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Can you suggest a few good field journals in economics?

My paper was rejected with this comment from the editor: 'In the first-stage review it was noted that the exposition in the paper is not up to language standards required for publication, and the theoretical approach departs rather widely from the approach applied in the journal and although your findings are intriguing and innovative, the subject matter and methodological approach of your paper are not ideally suited to the JPKE. I expect that your paper is likely to be accepted in a good field journal with a closer topic match and methodological style, and recommend that you resubmit the paper immediately to such an outlet.' Thank you so much in advance!

I looked up the website of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics (JPKE) and it seems to be a specialized journal in the field of economics, catering to "innovative theoretical and empirical work that sheds fresh light on contemporary economic problems." From what I understood, the journal publishes work on economic theory that can influence public policy in some way. I think by "field journal" the editor is referring to a more generic journal in the field of economics. What is more important is that the journal you select should be a good match in terms of topic and methodological style.

So basically, you will need to come up with a list of reputable journals in economics and then go through the journal website to see if they are a good match for your paper. It's difficult for us to recommend a list of journals. However, you can check online for databases of economics journals. You can also conduct a search by subject in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). 

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Thank you so much. Title of my article is : 'Inflation in Underdeveloped Economies: A Classical Approach' It's mainly employing Marxist theory of unproductive labour to explain the role of capital structure in price level changes as opposed to presuppositions of monetarist theory. The latter is combined with a theory of surplus labour in underdeveloped economies in terms of its impact on sectoral flow of labour between productive and unproductive spheres and cost of cultivation as determining elements of inflation. With these details would it be possible for you to kindly suggest me a suitable journal for the article? Thank you so much again!
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