Q: Does the 'marked revision' mean the script with the track changes?

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At the time of resubmitting a revised manuscript, I was required by the journal to upload the manuscript with the track changes deleted [removed] and the ‘marked revision.’ Does this ‘marked revision’ mean the script with the track changes [included]?

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Please note that we’ve made a few edits to your question as there seemed to be couple of words missing. However, the meaning of your question is quite clear. :)

So, at the time of resubmission, journals usually require you to submit two versions of the manuscript, one that shows the edits (through the track changes feature) and one that is a ‘clean document.’ The ‘marked revision’ is the one with the track changes on / visible. The ‘clean version’ is the one with the track changes incorporated but not visible.

From the Editage site, we have provided below a sample of an edited / revised document with the ‘revision marked.’ The journal needs this only for reference, but as this is difficult to read and review, they also ask for a cleaned-up version.

Default Alt text

Hope that helps – and hope you are now able to submit successfully.

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For now though, all the best for the revised submission and for taking your manuscript toward acceptance!