Editage Insights celebrates its 4th anniversary: Join us for exciting content, giveaways, and more! [ebook]

Editage Insights celebrates its 4th anniversary: Join us for exciting content, giveaways, and more! [ebook]

Editage Insights turns 4 in November! And what an exciting journey it has been so far!

We’d like to express heartfelt gratitude to you – our readers – for your continued support. Over these years, the Editage Insights community has grown bigger and each one of you has contributed to making it what it is today. Your feedback constantly inspires us to bring you the best resources possible. Thank you!

We are so happy that we plan to celebrate this birthday all through November! Stay tuned for special anniversary posts, exciting giveaways, and a few more surprises. We'll also give you a chance to tell us what you like about Editage Insights and what new stuff you'd like to see. To join the party, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And if you aren’t part of the Editage Insights community yet, register yourself today! Registration is free and will give you unlimited access to our latest resources and updates on scholarly publishing. For a taste of the exclusive content you'll get access to, scroll down to download and our comprehensive report of Peer Review Week 2017. 

We're also celebrating a huge milestone that we're very proud of! Based on our reader feedback and suggestions for more interactive, guided, instructor-led  learning, we've launched a shop full of great learning courses and practical handbooks. We're currently offering some fantastic discounts on our learning products, so hurry and sign up for the annual subscription. I'm sure you'll love it!

Thank you, once again, for being part of the Editage Insights community and for inspiring us to publish information that is relevant to you. We look forward to working with you to fulfill our vision of building a well-connected global scientific community!  

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