Do you feel the same way about us?

This article is part of a Series
This article is part of a Series

Celebrating 4 years of Editage Insights

We celebrated our four-year anniversary all through November 2017! To commemorate this milestone of Editage Insights, we looked back at our journey, reflecting on the content we’ve published and how we have grown as a community. Our team members took a step back from their roles and picked their favorite content published on Editage Insights in various formats. The posts in this series will take you through each team member's favorite infographic, video, Q&A, and much more! You will also get a glimpse of what the Editage Insights community feels about us and get a chance to meet our most engaged members.

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Do you feel the same way about us?

We love hearing from you! As part of our four-year anniversary celebrations, we reached out to many of you asking you to share your thoughts and opinions on Editage Insights. And we were delighted that so many of you shared heart-warming responses.

We would like to share some of these messages from our readers with the entire Editage Insights community. Here's what a few of your fellow community members had to say! 

Editage Insights Testimonial

Imelda Angeles


Editage Insights Testimonial

Raul A. Simon

Editage Insights Testimonial

Fatin Izzati Mohd Khan

Editage Insights Testimonial

Dr. Garima Pandey 

Editage Insights Testimonial

Ahmed Elsaid 

Editage Insights Testimonial

Parisa Badiee

Editage Insights Testimonial

Dr. Ghada Amin Khalifa 


Wondering where you can find the insightful tips mentioned in some of these messages? Sign up for our Coffee-Time Course on Writing a Manuscript in the IMRAD Format today!

We are extremely grateful to all of our readers who took the time out to pen down their thoughts about us! Would you like to share your thoughts about Editage Insights? Write to us at

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Published on: Nov 27, 2017

Senior Editor, Global Community Engagement, Editage Insights
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