Q: How do I write the background of the study for my topic?

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Can you please help me by explaining what is the background to the study when writing a research paper? I'm writing a research paper on ‘The implication of time management to the academic performance of Grade 11 students.’

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The background of the study explains the ‘why’ of the study, that is, why you are doing the study. It provides the overall aim of the study and also sets the context for the study. So, in your case, you will need to explain why you are studying the implication (or importance) of time management to the academic performance of grade 11 students. For instance, you could look at how pivotal grade 11 is in the life of a student (being the final year of secondary school or the first year of high school, depending on the country), how critical academic performance is at this stage of the student’s life, how necessary it is to manage time at this stage, and so on. You will be able to write a comprehensive background after doing a detailed search of relevant literature in the area. The background comes in the Introduction section of the paper and is followed by the literature review.

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