Q: How do I write the introduction of my consultancy paper, keeping in mind certain requirements?

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I am writing a consultancy paper. However, it should also have a critical role as well as global statistics. In the introduction, how do I write about the criticism of the global management model along with (providing) statistics like in an annual report?

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To begin, some parts of your question were not clear. So, we have edited the question for greater clarity.

We understand you are writing a paper or document for a project you are consulting on, and need help with the introduction. Your document, it would seem, provides an alternative to a particular management model used worldwide.

Let’s first spend a moment discussing the structure of the paper. As this is not a scientific or management paper, but rather a project document, it doesn’t need to follow the standard structure of a research paper. Research or academic papers are written in the IMRaD format, following a sequence of Introduction > Methods > Results > Discussion. In your paper, you could follow a simpler structure of Introduction > Body > Conclusion, with the introduction and body including several sub-sections as needed. Deciding which content needs to go in which section or sub-section, of course, depends on the need of your project.

Academic papers also include an abstract, which provides the key points of the study and appears at the beginning of the paper, right after the title. In your case, instead of the abstract, you could include an executive summary, outlining the salient points in your document.

Coming to the introduction, if you indeed wish to begin by criticizing a particular management model, you could first provide an outline of the model, including its key points, proponent(s), year of introduction, adoption over the years, and reasons for its popularity. You could then list and explain the disadvantages of this model, providing relevant statistics (such as around loss of resources or inefficiencies in its application) as needed. Using this as the springboard, you could launch into the presentation of your model in the body of the paper, detailing its premises and advantages (especially compared with the popular model). You may provide statistics here as well, which could be proof of the successful working of the proposed alternative model. If needed, you may also consider including a couple of case studies and a few testimonials.

To present a part of the statistics, both around the popular model and the new model, you may need to use tables and figures. While you may of course use methods similar to those in annual reports (as you have considered), if needed, you may also refer to this document on choosing the right presentation method for your data: Choose the best format for presenting your research data: tables, figures, and text

Finally, if you are also planning on making a presentation based on the paper, you may need to consider how to convert this content into a presentation. If so, here’s a relevant resource for doing this: How to use visual aids to make your oral presentations better

Good luck for your project!